VF Systems

The VF SYSTEMS range of products provides an efficient and innovative set of polymer solutions to install the rail onto a concrete slab.

The products have been widely used in Mainland Europe and North Africa on Urban Tramway Systems including Bordeaux, Rabat and Algiers.

Track Systems UK are the exclusive Supplier / Installer for these products in UK and Eire.

These products are designed to meet the complex requirements of urban railways systems. VF SYSTEMS is a brand of RAIL+ SAS, company based in France where our products are manufactured by Covestro (formerly Bayer Material Science) through an exclusive partnership.

Rail embedding using the V-Flow system offers considerable benefits:




  • Flowable, polyurethane two-part epoxy, elastic grout
  • Hardness: 60 shore A (V FLOW 60 AK)
  • Compliance acc. to EN 13 481-5 norm with loading-unloading test for loads of 13 and 26tons per axle

Scope of use

Fastening an embedded rail by means of V FLOW 60 A allows:

  • Eelectrical insulation.
  • Reduction of structural height
  • Bottom- up installation
  • Top-down installation to position and install the rail directly into the concrete (or metalic) channel.

Longitudinal rail joint and floating slabs joints

Specifications of our V FLEX solutions are suitable for:

  • Longitudinal rail joint installed on platform with or without any traffic to seal the upper surface of the embedded rail.
  • To seal the upper edge of the anti-vibration layer of floating slab (to reduce transmission of vehicle-induced NVH structure).
  • Horizontal expansion joint.

V FIT SC Protec

Two component solvent free polyurethane binder

  • Cold applied by brush or spray
  • Workable at high thicknesses
  • Direct application onto the rail